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            Ken Storie

            I spent much of my adult life as a school teacher and administrator in several communities in Western Manitoba.
            I now do consulting, research and writing relating to
            Heritage Sites, History and the Outdoors.

            Vantage Points IV: Stories highlighting the history of the Turtle Mountain - Souris Plains area.

            The project is available online...

            Rising Above: The 2011 Flood in Brandon

            A Brandon Sun Publication

            Turtle Mountain and the Souris Plains: Our History

            An overview designed for classroom uses. Each school in the region has a copy in Binder Format and the entire projects is available as a website with enhanced images and online as PDF files.

            River Journey's In Southwestern Manitoba

            I self-published this little volume in 1996 and designed my first website based upon the research. That website is still current,
            making it one of the longest running websites in Manitoba.


            False Starts: Communities and Change in Southwestern Manitoba


            The Robinson Case

            2nd Place, Manitoba Writer's Guild "Hard Boiled Fiction" Contest
            Sept. 1988. With Narration for presentation on CBC Radio.

            CBC Intro

            The Story


            A Choose-Your-Own Adventure

            General Rosser's Legacy,   Manitoba History, Fall 2007

            Mb. History Bio

            Research Projects

            Train Tracks - Stories From A Railway Town

            Shelterbelts in Manitoba

            The Grand Trunk Pacific in Rivers, Manitoba

            Cherry Point

            The Argyle Icelandic Settlement

            1000 Words - Pioneer Photographers in the Southwest Corner

            The Sekine Bicycle Co. in Rivers Manitoba

            Sourisford Crossing


            Heritage Projects

            I have produced dozens of Heritage Projects for Municipalities and Heritage Committees.
            These are generally inventories of places, people and events or focused reseach projects.

            All projects are delivered in Binder format, and most are online.

             Links are provided.

            The Historic Places Initiative

            As a consultant for the Historic Places Initiative I visited over 150 Designated Heritage Sites in Manitoba and produced
            Statements of Significance for www.historicplaces.ca

            Sample Report

            Special Places

            Special Places Projects were developed by the Historic Resources Branch as a method of creating Community Inventories of Heritage Resources and subjecting the sites to an analysis process that will help communties protect and use their heritage resources  to best advantage. I piloted the first projects in 5 communities in 2008. The projects are in Binders that allow for updates and additions. They are available in Municipal Offices and/or Libraries and Museums in host communities.
            Many of the projects are available on Heritage Websites I created and maintain for those communities. Links are included in this list.

            Baldur & Argyle R.M | Boissevain | Carberry | Gladstone | Hartney & Grassland RM | Melita | Killarney

            Pipestone RM | Rivers & Area | South Central Planning District | The Swan River Valley | Two Borders MunicipalityVirdenWawanesa

            Notable People

            Notable People Projects build upon the work done in Special Places Projects.

            They begin with a typical inventory of people selected from a carefull examination of available local history volumes. A short biographical entry is made for each person deemed to have had some lasting influence on the developement of the community.

            Baldur & Argyle R.M | Carberry | Hartney & Grassland RM | Melita | Pipestone RM | Wawanesa

            Pivotal Events

            Pivotal Events Projects as the final component of the three core collections that, along with Special Places and Notable People, will help communties protect and use their heritage resources  to best advantage.  With local history volumes as our guide, and with previous heritage projects and local museums as  a resouce, we create a comprehensive illustrated timeline that puts a community's pivotal events into context and renders them in an entertaining and accessible fashion.

            Arden / Lansdowne | Baldur & Argyle R.MHartney & Grassland RM |

            Pipestone RM | Rivers & Area  | 

            Educational Materials

            Here our aim is to identify resouces that will assist museums and schools in their efforts to present enhanced local history programming. The result is a binder with a collection of maps, photos, documents along with suggestions for use. The project is a link between the school system, the local museum, and the heritage projects a community has completed.

            Melita |   Wawanesa  Turtle Mountain - Souris Plains Region

            Interpretive Signs

            I have completed seven Sign Projects as part of our efforts to bring the history of our region into the spotlight. Most were sponsored by the Turtle Mountain - Souris River Heritage Association

            View the signs...

            The "We Made" series offers short biographies of influential people in a community.


            Pipestone RM


            Milestones details the key events that helped shape a community.

            Turtle Mountain Mud: Manitoba's Coal Mines (2018)

            Direction, writing and narration for this short documentary.

            Research, Writing and Narration. (2017)

            Time Tourist Series

            Research and on camera interviews in two short Bell/MTS Productions about key elements of Brandon's history. (2011)

            Before Brandon

            Consulting and a short narration in this Bell/MTS production documentary about the history of the Brandon Rapids. (2016)


            Webmaster & Content Provider


            A portal to a wide variety of content: collections, guides, maps, history, the outdoors and more.

            Virtual Manitoba, started with my ongoing efforts to simplify access to resources and information about the history, geography and culture of our province. 

            Heritage Website Projects

            Killarney & Area

            Rivers and Area

            Hartney / Grassland

            Melita and Area

            Argyle Municipality

            Two Borders Municipality

            Pipestone RM

            Arden / Lansdowne



            Museums in The Turtle Mountain - Souris Plains Region

            My guide to all things Manitoban...

            History - Places - Attractions - Services

            Manitoba Communities: Past & Present - Photos & More

            Virtual Manitoba is home to a wide variety of photo collections

            Manitoba Photo Gallery

            Off The Beaten Path: Exploration in Westman

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